Management Information Systems
Code Course Name Credits Status Type Pre-requisite
Semester 1 (18 Credits)
ENG-13101 College English 3 C General None
MAT-13102 General Mathematics 3 C General None
CIS-13102 Information Technology Applications 3 C General None
GEN-13102 Studies in Islamic Culture 3 C General None
GEN-13103 UAE Society & Culture 3 C General None
BUS-13101 General Statistics 3 C General None
Semester 2 (18 Credits)
ENG-13102 College English: Writing Skills 3 C General ENG-13101
GEN-13203 Environmental Science Concepts 3 C General None
BUS-13103 Principles of Financial Accounting 3 C Major MAT-13102
BUS-13104 Introduction to Business Law 3 C Major ENG-13101
BUS-13105 Principles of Microeconomics 3 C Major BUS-13101
BUS-13102 Principles of Management 3 C Major ENG-13101
Semester 3 (18 Credits)
ENG-13201 Communication Skills 3 C General ENG-13101
BUS-13200 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3 C Major BUS-13103
BUS-13201 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 C Major BUS-13105
BUS-13202 Principles of Marketing 3 C Major BUS-13102
BUS-13203 Principles of Finance 3 C Major BUS-13103
MIS-13201 Principles of MIS 3 C Major BUS-13102,CIS-13102
Semester 4
Specialization: Management Information Systems (12 Credits)
MIS-13202 Business Systems Analysis and Design 3 C Major MIS-13201
MIS-13203 Business Database Management Systems 3 C Major CIS-13102, MIS-13201
MIS-13204 E-Business 3 C Major CIS-13102, MIS-13201
MIS-13206 Internship – MIS 3 E Major 45 Credit Hours
MIS-13207 Final Project – MIS 3 E Major 45 Credit Hours


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