Advanced Standing- Transfer Of Credit_english

Transfer of credit may be accepted at the discretion of SC following an examination of a student's official/academic transcript and supporting course descriptions from an officially recognized or accredited institution of higher education. Transfer credits will be awarded provided:

  1. The student must meet the admissions requirements of the program.
  2. The student must transfer from an institute recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  3. The course must be equivalent to a SC course.
  4. The student must have earned a grade of at least 'C' in the course or grade point of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0 in the course.

Not all courses accepted for transfer will automatically count toward the completion of degree requirements at SC. A maximum of 50% of the total credits required for the program can be applied toward program completion of the associate degree programs. Students must meet the Degree Completion requirements before being able to graduate.

Any offer from SC to a student will be made in writing from the registry and will detail acceptable credits earned from previous study at another acceptable institution and will list the courses that must be taken in order to gain the award.

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