Each student who graduates from Syscoms College is a member of the Syscoms College Alumni Association. This organization will be the main forum of networking, keeping students in touch with each other and the College no matter where they are. Whether you are looking for a job, want to renew contacts with former acquaintances, or want to update your skills and knowledge in a particular subject area, being a member of the Association provides access to essential resources.

Connection with the SC experience begins the moment a prospective student first expresses interest in the College, continues through the years as a student, and lasts a lifetime. Through participation in the association, students have the chance to take responsibility for the progress of the College. Becoming involved in the life of the College can take many forms such as career support for students and networking opportunities for graduates. The office of student development services (SDS) maintains up-to-date records of alumni and communicates regularly with all alumni to keep them informed of SC activities. The office coordinates SC events such as alumni gatherings and graduation celebration.

SC will promote academic excellence by strengthening the ties among its past, present and future students. The office student development services seeks to advance the mission of the SC by expanding local alumni events, establishing reunion events, and providing support programs and services for alumni. Being a part of the college they also will contribute in the college publications such as student magazine.

Alumni will also be surveyed every year. This alumni survey asks the individual to rank all areas of the College, including quality of educational programs and quality of support services. This provides valuable information for improving the programs offered. The results will be used to improve programs and services in order to enhance the quality of the educational experience at SC. The OPIE will coordinate alumni surveys.

The frame work of the alumni policy of SC has been made with the following features:


  1. Maintaining a database of all graduates
  2. Offering discount in tuition fees for the relatives/children of SC alumnus
  3. Constitute International alumni association with the help of the alumnus of the college
  4. Create online updating of alumnus through the college website
  5. Lecturing by reputed alumnus of the college in significant jobs in the private and the government sector for the students

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Syscoms College was created to meet the increasing demand for higher educational institutions in the region that would deliver a quality education leading to accredited qualifications which would be recognized and accepted locally and internationally