Brief History

Brief History of Syscoms College


Syscoms College was created to meet the increasing demand in the region for higher educational institutions that deliver a high-quality education, leading to accredited qualifications that are recognized and accepted locally and internationally. The need for such an institution was visualized out of our experience of having managed a training institute since 1990 in Abu Dhabi. Syscoms College has set its vision to provide higher educational opportunities to both national and expatriate students. Syscoms College offers a post-higher secondary study program for men and women of all groups and provides them with opportunities to obtain practical knowledge, skills and values.

Syscoms College is a student-centered, comprehensive and innovative college, committed to teaching excellence that advances the lifelong educational development of its students while strengthening the economic, social and cultural life of its diverse community.

The College promotes student success by providing high-quality, flexible, accessible educational programs and services; advancing pluralism, inclusion and global awareness; and acting as a catalyst and collaborator for higher education in the UAE. In the span of more than 25 years, since the inception of the Institute in Abu Dhabi in 1990, we have gone a long way by establishing branches of the Institute in Al Ain and Dubai in the UAE and in Doha, Qatar. The College was established in 2005 in Abu Dhabi.

Year Location Country License Name
1990 Abu Dhabi U.A.E System Computer Information Technology Institute (Syscoms)
1994 Al Ain U.A.E System Computer Information Technology Institute (Syscoms)
1999 Dubai U.A.E System Information Technology Institute
2004 Doha Qatar System Information Technology Institute
2005 Abu Dhabi U.A.E Syscoms College
2015 Al Ain U.A.E Syscoms College

The process of accreditation helps the college dedicate time to reflect on its programs and processes, what it does well, where it needs to improve, and how well it serves its mission and goals and therefore its students. This self-analysis helps the institution become a more effective organization.

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Syscoms College was created to meet the increasing demand for higher educational institutions in the region that would deliver a quality education leading to accredited qualifications which would be recognized and accepted locally and internationally