Scholarship & Financial Aid

Scholarship & Financial Aid

In order to assist students in financing their program the following scholarships and financial aid packages are available. Students should note the various financial aid and scholarship packages only apply to the course fee and no discount will be applied to any other fee. A student is not allowed to get more than one discount from the College.

Merit Scholarships

Merit Scholarships are intended primarily to help students who are high achievers in their secondary school studies. Application for the scholarships can be made to the Admissions office, as per the given deadline. There are two types of merit scholarships granted by the college: Annual Scholarship and Semester Scholarships

  1. Annual Scholarship: Two Annual scholarships for students, who have scored 90% or higher in secondary school examination, will receive a 50% discount on the first semester course fee. Application for this scholarship will be accepted during Aug 1 – Aug 31 every year, by the Office of Admissions.
  2. Semester Scholarship: Syscoms College grants 10 scholarships (5 for male students and 5 for female students) in every semester. Students who have scored 80% or above in Secondary School examination, will receive 10% discount on first semester course fee. Application for this scholarship will be accepted 2 weeks prior to the starting of the semester by the Office of Admissions.

Students Financial Aid

Syscoms College Students Financial Aid program is to support the needy students, who have financial difficulties or special financial circumstances preventing them attending the college. Financial aids are primarily need based and serve as supplemental support to assist students to attend Syscoms College. The level of support is based on each family's demonstrated financial difficulty and need. Syscoms College provides three types of financial aid programs: Direct Financial Help, Bank Loan and Family Member Assistance.

Direct Financial Help

Syscoms College provides 10% - 20% waiver of the course fee as Direct Financial Help to the needy students. Students who have a permanent job are not eligible for this package. Students who are applying for this package should :

  1. Submit the Financial Aid Application Form, which is available in the Office of Administration and Business Services (OABS), two weeks prior to the starting of the semester. The Manger, OABS has the right to relax the deadline for application, if necessary.
  2. Demonstrate the financial difficulties by attaching the documentary evidence such as salary certificate of the parent, special family circumstances including significant reduction in income, extensive medical expenses etc.

Financial Aid consideration in subsequent semesters is subject to successful academic progress (maintaining a GPA of 3.75), demonstrated need and filing by the required deadlines.

Family Member Assistance:

10% waiver of the course fee is granted to a student who registers and already has a brother or a sister studying at Syscoms College. Applications should be submitted to the OABS department.

Bank Loan Assistance:

Syscoms College assists all needy students to get educational loans form following banks:

  1. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  2. Dubai Islamic Bank
  3. Emirates Bank

Students can contact the OABS to clarify any questions regarding the Scholarships and Financial Aid. Loan assistance and other services are available throughout the year in the OABS. Request for appeals of the financial aid decision must be submitted in writing to the Manager – OABS along with supporting documentation and reason for the appeal. Revisions will be based on the merit of the appeal but are subject to demonstrated need, availability of funds and maintenance of GPA of 3.75.

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