Vision Statement


The vision of Syscoms College is to be recognized as an accredited institution of choice for all members of the community, to be valued in the United Arab Emirates for its accessibility and affordability, and to meet the expectations of the skilled manpower requirements of the country by offering high-quality professional programs that also enjoy international recognition.


Syscoms College will be a private college offering high-quality undergraduate programs that are accessible, convenient and affordable for all the members of the community. It will ensure the delivery of its undergraduate programs by sound sequencing of teaching and instruction, supported by regular assessment practices. It will provide a comprehensive program of general education and the opportunity for students to customize their studies according to their personal interests and needs. It will prepare students for higher education and strategic level jobs in career-orientated areas or fields of study. It will also strive to be an integral part of the knowledge economy in the region as an institution of higher education and research.

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Syscoms College was created to meet the increasing demand for higher educational institutions in the region that would deliver a quality education leading to accredited qualifications which would be recognized and accepted locally and internationally